Couvent de la Guia à Macao / Macao

Two very rare aquatint prints of Macao, the Portuguese port in southern China. Macao and Hong Kong were key ports in the South China Sea as they offered safe harbour to ships carrying on to Formosa, Japan, or the Americas. Featured in the travelogue are a print of a convent in Macao and a more general view of the port.


1. Couvent de la Guia à Macao

Print of a convent or monastery in Macau. Because it was under Portuguese rule for so long, Macau has a large population of Roman Catholics. Some of these convents can still be seen today. In the image, three students can be seen chatting by the water. 

2. Macao

Print of the view of Macau. Like Hong Kong, the port city began its life as a leased territory from the Qing dynasty for foreign traders. Macau was eventually given to the Portuguese in perpetuity though later returned to Chinese governance in 1999. In the image, a rowboat makes its way through the waters.


Macao set of 2 prints
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370 x 280 mm
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USD 1,750