L’Isle Bali. - Early antique map of Bali Island - De Bry ca.1600

A very rare original map of Bali published in the early 17th century by Theodore De Bry in an edition of the Petits Voyages and was more famously and commonly known as Ils De Baly Ou Petit Java, when taken and featured in the later Histoire générales des Voyages by Prevost in the mid – late 18th century. 

This map of Bali contains attractive topographical details such as mountains rivers and forests (as well as 3 European ships to the left of the island) and is oriented with south at the top, (so the island is essentially upside down) with an inset of the kings palace. Two beautiful compass roses adorn the page. On the verso is a plate with the king of Bali, another De Bry item confirming the origin of this book page. 

A rare and unique collectors item for those interested in the history of Bali, very suitable for framing. 

Theodore De Bry
Bali Island - Very early map
Publication Place / Date
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ca. 1600
22 by 15 cm
Black and White
G+ / Study image carefully
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