Koloniale Tentoonstelling Semarang 1914 - colonial exhibition in Semarang in 1914

Decorative poster by Dutch artist Albert Pieter Hahn advertising the colonial exhibition in Semarang in 1914. The exhibition in 1914 was the biggest art event ever held in Indonesia and was even included as one of the 10 World Expos (World Fair).

The image depicts a Javanese bride wearing a traditional costume seated under an elaborate archway set against stylized yellow palm trees in the background. This poster is a real classic and is considered one of the most attractive vintage posters on Java ever produced.

The Colonial Exhibition, Dutch: Koloniale Tentoonstelling, took place in Semarang, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) in from August 13 through November 15, 1914. Colonial exhibitions were trade expositions. It was designed to "give a comprehensive picture of the Dutch Indies in their present prosperous condition. There were displays including companies, foreign states, and areas within the Dutch East Indies. One area of the grounds had pavilions dedicated to cocoa, coffee, kapok, and tea.

There was a Balinese, an Aceh pavilion in central Java, and Semarang pavilions. Also, there were pavilions from Australia, China, Formosa (Taiwan), and Japan.

Artist; Albert (Pieter) Hahn Sr. Designer; Amsterdamsche Boek & Steendrukkerij v/h Ellerman, Harms & Co Publisher Hoofdbestuur der Vereenigde Koloniale Tentoonstelling Semara Other relation.

Restored on backing paper, very suitable for framing. 

Colonial Exhibition of Semarang Poster, Java 1914
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