Ancectochilus Lowii

A rare and decorative botanical antique print by the famous English botanist Edward Joseph Lowe (1825-1900) Printed in London in the year 1860 in a publication titled "The Most Beautiful Leaved Plants in Cultivation in this Country".

These over 160-year-old prints are in fine condition with bright attractive colors. Very suitable for framing as a single print or as a set.

Edward Joseph Lowe was a renowned English botanist, meteorologist and astronomer, who published papers on a wide variety of subjects, including luminous meteors, sunspots, the zodiacal light, meteorological observations during the eclipse of 1860 (at Fuente del Mar, near Santander), conchology, ferns, grasses and other plants.
The son of Alfred J. Lowe, he began his scientific observations at the age of 15.

His interest in ferns led to his studying them. His most noted work was “Ferns: British and Exotic “ and consisted of eight illustrated volumes published in London by Groombridge and Sons in 1856. The bookplates of which were drawn by A. F. Lydon and engraved by Benjamin Fawcett.

He collaborated on observations of luminous meteors with Professor Baden Powell of Oxford. Lowe invented the dry powder test for ozone in the atmosphere. He was one of the founders and original Fellows of the Meteorological Society and a Fellow of the Royal, the Geological, the Linnean, the Royal Astronomical, and other learned Societies.


Ancectochilus Lowii Leave
Publication Place / Date
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London / 1860 (first edition)
25 by 16 cm
Hand Colored Lithographs
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