Hispaniola Soo als het door Kolumbus Ontdekt, en by de Kastilianen beyolkt is by Pieter van der Aa

Striking map of Hispaniola with a decorative cartouche and compass rose. The map was used to illustrate the Dutch translation of the account of Christopher Columbus's first voyage to the New World.

A rare decorative map executed in detailed engraving and fine hand coloring. The map shows information of early voyages of exploration by the Spanish in mid-America.

Pieter van der Aa (1659-1733) was a Dutch mapmaker and publisher who printed pirated editions of foreign bestsellers and illustrated books but is best known for his voluminous output of maps and atlases. Van der Aa was born to a German stonecutter from Holstein. Interestingly, all three van der Aa sons came to be involved in the printing business. Hildebrand was a copper engraver and Boudewyn was a printer.


Pieter van der Aa
Caribbean “Hispaniola” in Central America
Publication Place / Date
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Leiden, ca.1700
25 by 15 cm
Hand Colouring
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USD 370
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