Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise, Seleucides Alba, by John Gould

Original hand colored lithograph of the famous Bird of Paradise, by John Gould. Often referred to as the ‘father of bird study in Australia’, the English ornithologist John Gould created several esteemed collections of bird illustrations over his long career. He was the most prolific artist and publisher of ornithological subjects of all time.

In nineteenth century Europe Gould’s name was as well known as Audubon’s was in North America. But unlike Audubon, whose life’s work focused on one region, Gould traveled widely and employed other artists to help create his lavish hand-colored lithographic folios.

Nearly 3,000 lithographs were created during the span of his long ​career.

The Birds of New Guinea and the adjacent Papuan Islands.

The Birds of New Guinea was Gould’s last full-scale work, left incomplete on his death in 1881. Gould completed twelve of the twenty-five parts, and the task of finishing the project fell to Richard Bowdler Sharpe, a superbly qualified successor, who had been Gould’s colleague, assistant and friend.

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John Gould
Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise, Seleucides Alba, by John Gould
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/ 1888
55 by 38 cm.
Hand Colouring
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