Nuova Carta delle Isole di Sunda come Borneo Sumatra e Iava Grande &c

An attractive map of the East Indies, including Malay (Malacca), Singapore, Borneo, Sumatra, and Java. Centered on the Strait of Sunda (site of the great Krakatoa Volcano), the map covers from the modern day Thai island of Phuket (Junsalan) and southern Cambodia, south to Java, and from the Nicobar Islands to the Celebes. There is impressive detail throughout, including numerous inland cities and topography illustrated in profile. The Strait of Singapore is identified, but the island itself, though apparent, is unnamed. Map published in Venice by Giambattista Albrizzi. Albrizzi's maps, derived from the works of Guillaulme de L'Isle and Iasaak Tirion, were prepared for his Atlante Novissimo, che contiene tutte le parti del mondo from 1740 (volume 1) - 1750 (volume 2). At the same time, they were also used to illustrate Lo stato presente di tutti i paesi e popoli del mondo naturale, politico e morale con nuove osservazioni degli antichi e moderni viaggiatori. Scritto in inglese dal signor Salmon. Tradotto in Ollandese, e Francese, Tedescho ed ora in Italiano. In Venezia, Presso Giambattista Albrizzi MDCCXXXVII-MDCCLVI (1737-66), work - in twenty-seven volumes - Italian translation of the books by Thomas Salmon Modern history, or the present state of all nations, which appeared between 1725 and 1739 in London in 32 volumes. Giambattista Albrizzi is part of a family of printers and publishers of Venice from Bergamo. Start of printing was in the last decades of the seventeenth century, Girolamo Albrizzi was succeeded by his son Giambattista, particularly active in the twenty years 1730-50. He gave great impetus to the art printing Venetian, linking its name to a series of magnificent editions, which earned him the collaboration of the best designers and engravers of the time: Piazzetta, Zanetti, Pitteri and Bartolozzi. Copperplate, with fine later hand colour, in good condition. Bibliografia V. Valerio, Cartografi Veneti, p. 139.

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Isaak Tirion
Nvoua Carta delle Isole di Sunda - Indonesiƫ, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Bali, Lombok, Singapore map by I. Tirion
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Amsterdam / circa 1730
36.5 by 28 cm.
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