Carte du Royaume de Siam et des Pays Circonvoisins by Pierre Du Val and Augustin Dechaussé

This is the most important and collectable map of the Kingdom of Siam, Singapore, Sumatra and Malaysia published in the 17th Century. A unique collector's item, and a cornerstone map in any high-end Southeast Asia map collection.

This historically important map is depicted in most books on the history of Thailand. Unique is that with this map comes the text description page in French.

"A landmark map of Siam and environs, based upon the French Embassy to the region in 1685".

The map depicts the arrival of the first French embassy to the Kingdom of Siam, in what is now Thailand. Dechaussé dedicates the map to the Chevalier de Chaumont, who led the delegation. Dechaussé's map depicts the route from just west of the Sunda Straits, through the Banca Straits, then past Bintang Island and up the east side of the peninsula via the Gulf of Siam.

The delegation arrived in 1685. The Siamese King, Narai, wished to manage European contact with his country and preferred the French to the Dutch and English. In 1680, the Siamese attempted to establish an embassy in France but were thwarted when the ambassador's ship was wrecked off Mauritius. They succeeded in sending a delegation in 1684. In an audience with King Louis XIV, the Siamese requested an embassy be established in Siam. Louis responded favourably, sending the Chevalier de Chaumont the following year.

titled "Carte du Royaume de Siam et des Pays Circonvoisins" (Map of the kingdom of Siam and surrounding countries). 


note: the map still needs to be scanned by us, contact us for photographs of the map. 

Carte du Royaume de Siam et des Pays Circonvoisins, Kingdom of Siam, Singapore, Sumatra - Extremely rare map
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