Chinese Camp or Glodok

Antique photographs of Glodok or the Chinese Camp of old Batavia taken by Woodbury and Page ca. 1870. These are two styles of the same photograph, the first features rounded corners while the other is mounted as printed.

Glodok or the Chinese Camp was a ghetto for the ethnic Chinese in Batavia originally located outside city limits. When the VOC first used Chinese labor, the Chinese were settled within Old Batavia's walls until tensions between ethnic groups led to the infamous 1740 Chinese Massacre that forced the Dutch to exile the Chinese.

Since then, Glodok has become one of the city's most famous areas, full of shops and curiosities for travellers and shoppers. This photographed captured the area when it was still growing. Now it is firmly in the centre of North Jakarta.

Woodbury and Page
Chinese Camp or Glodok - Old Batavia
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Batavia / ca.1870
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