Terry's Guide to the Japanese Empire

Antique travel guide from 1920 to the lands and territories of the Japanese Empire (Dai Nippon Koku.)

In the early 20th century the rising middle-class meant a booming tourism industry, Japan was no different. Shipping lines all over the world included Yokohama and Kawasaki (chief ports in Japan,) as potential destinations.

This book comes complete with detailed information on the country: including anthropological information on customs of the Japanese; which trains to take, if so available; maps of cities and regions; and anything else a foreigner might need.

At the time, the Japanese empire counted Korea and Manchuria as their territory and thus information on those places are included as well. The back of the book features advertisements for all manner of businesses of interest to tourists: hotels, curiosity shops, department stores, and more.

Travel Guide to the Japanese Empire - Year 1920
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England / 1920 ( 1st edition )
160 x 120 mm.
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SKU #B.0001

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