L’Ara Vert

Attractive black and white copperplate engraving entitled L'Ara Vert, published in Paris in the year 1780. 

The Green Macaw, translated from French, is a South American species of parrot and is one of the famous icons of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Colombia. In the past the species also spread as far north as Guatemala and as far south as Ecuador but deforestation and wildlife trade has much reduced their numbers.

Artist: Comte de Buffon

Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (1707-1788) was a highly influential French naturalist who wrote the important work Histoire Naturelle which was the most complete work on natural history up until that time. Comte de Buffon was an influence on later important scientists including Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and Georges Cuvier. Comte de Buffon is considered the “father of all thought in natural history in the second half of the 18th century” by historians.

Histoire Naturelle by Comte de Buffon was published in 1780 in 36 volumes and continued to be improved upon after the author’s death. The massive work was a complete overview and record of the natural sciences up until the late 18th century, including physics, chemistry, technology, and biology. It is considered an early form of the encyclopedia.

Comte de Buffon
L'Ara Vert
Publication Place / Date
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Paris / 1780
250 x 180 mm.
Black and White
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