India Orien

A lovely antique miniature map of mainland Southeast Asia, covering the region from the Indian sub-continent through Burma and Thailand, to the Philippines and extending to the tip of the Malaysian peninsula with parts of Borneo and Sumatra. A very interesting piece showing primitive knowledge of the area with malformed islands and an incomplete Indonesian archipelago. 

New Guinea is shown to have a land bridge to Australia (which is not named, but both considered the same land mass – Noua Guinea). It depicts the classical view of the river systems originating in a mythical Chiamai Lacus. India is much too narrow, Ceylon is overly large, and two large lakes are depicted in China. 

German text on verso / A German edition, colored copperplate miniature map of Southeast Asia by Barent Langenes, published by Bertius P. in Tabulae Geographicae Contractae, Amsterdam, 1602/03. 

Southeast Asia - Year 1602-03
Publication Place / Date
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Amsterdam / 1602
125 by 85 mm. ( engraving )
Hand coloring
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USD 320
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