India Orientalis. cuius nobilior pars sunt duo ista quasi ingentia totius AsiƦ

An attractive and scarce copper-plate map of Southeast Asia by Johann Bussemacher and Matthias Quad. To map enthusiasts and scholars, this map offers much interesting detail.

Cartographically derived from Ortelius' slightly earlier map of the same region, this map covers from Arabia east to the Americas and New Guinea and from northern China and Japan to Java, including all of modern-day India, China, Japan, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, as well as parts of New Guiana, America, Arabia, and Australia (which is joined to and labelled as part of New Guinea). 

The map is beautifully coloured with major cities in the Northern portion of the map drawn, as well as the mountain ranges of Tartary. The understanding of Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines are all quite primitive, and the West coast of America is shown.

This map was issued by Matthias Quad and Johann Bussemacher in Cologne for the 1608 Fasciculus Geographicus. German text on verso. Aged in tone but still well preserved with plate marks intact and map untarnished.

Matthias Quad
Map of Southeast Asia, Over 400 Years Old
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