Asia Accuratissime Descripta.

A fascinating map of the continent Asia in attractive old color, published in Amsterdam around the year 1690. A beautifully engraved cartouche showing various Asiatic figures and traders, various animals and a sailing vessel.

By the Dutch cartographer Nicolaas Witsen, a Dutch statesman who was mayor of Amsterdam thirteen times, between 1682 and 1706. In 1693 he became administrator of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

In 1689 he was ambassador to the English court and became Fellow of the Royal Society. In his free time, he was cartographer, maritime writer, and an authority on shipbuilding. His books on the subject are important sources on Dutch shipbuilding in the 17th century.

Nicolaas Witsen
Asia Continent, Dutch Golden Age Map
Publication Place / Date
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Amsterdam / ca.1690
52 by 63 cm.
Old hand coloring
G+ / Study images carefully
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