Fred A Weld Government House Singapore Straits Settlement June 1880

Historically important Photo Album of Colonial Singapore - 65 photographs. 

An exceptionally rare and unique photo album compiled by Sir Frederick Aloysius Weld, the 12th Governor of the Straits Settlements (May 1880 - October 1887). Taken approximately one month (June 1880) into his tenure as governor, this album offers a rare look into nineteenth-century colonial Singapore and parts of the Malay States.

All the handwriting in the album is by Sir Frederick Weld himself. Many of the photographs in the album are believed to be unique, indicating that they were likely taken and developed especially for Sir Frederick Aloysius Weld, making it one of the rarest complete albumen photograph albums on colonial Singapore known to still exist.

This personal photo album of the 12th Governor of the Straits Settlements is a rare treat for connoisseurs of colonial history and antique Singapore photography buffs.

The album is dated in handwriting: Fred A Weld Government House Singapore Straits Settlement June 1880

Frederick Weld was governor from May 1880 - October 1887, this album was put together around one month into his governorship in Singapore. Photos were presumably taken in May or early June at the latest.

Sir Frederick Aloysius Weld (9 May 1823 – 20 July 1891), was a New Zealand politician and a governor of various British colonies. He was the sixth Premier of New Zealand and later served as Governor of Western Australia, Governor of Tasmania, and Governor of the Straits Settlements.

Featured in the album are 65 very rare photographs of the Government House (now the Istana of Singapore); views from Fort Canning; Singaporean streets; places of worship; inhabitants of Singapore from the many ethnic groups; coconut plantations; Sungei Ujong; Selangor; and Perak.

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Singapore Photo Album - Owned by Sir Frederick Weld
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