Hemisphaerium Orbis Antiqui cum... & Hypothesis Ptolemaica ....

A rare set of two interesting and decorative maps, it is a rare find that these maps are offered together in good condition and matching colouring. 

Hemisphaerium Orbis Antiqui Cumzonis Circulis et Situ Populorum Diverso

A finely engraved and exciting map showing the Eastern Hemisphere with the climatic zones ranging from Frigida Borealis to Torrida, with planetary details superimposed. The elaborate border includes fine scrollwork, numerous putti, and additional diagrams showing armillary spheres and climatic zones. Australia (Nova Hollandia) is not fully delineated, no coastline on the south and east and a possible land bridge reaching up to connect to New Guinea. This astronomical map is one of the most highly detailed and decorative ever produced.

Hypothesis Ptolemaica Sive Communis Planetarum Motus Per Eccentricos... 

Plate from one of the most decorative celestial atlases of all time. This diagram depicts the Ptolemaic hypothesis, demonstrating the planetary motions in eccentric and epicyclical orbits. The top corners contain the title cartouches and two smaller diagrams fill the bottom corners with bold strapwork engraving filling the space between.

Both maps are by the famous Cellarius, who is best known for his important 1683 publication of 'A Universal History Divided into an Ancient, Medieval, and New Period.' It was in this work that the concept of history as divisible into three distinct periods (Ancient History, Mediaeval History, and Modern History) was introduced. It had a great impact on the way future historians would interpret the past.


Andreas Cellarius
Eastern Hemisphere & Ptolemaic Hypothesis
Publication Place / Date
Image Dimensions
Amsterdam / ca.1660
42 by 52cm
Hand coloring
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USD 5,800
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