A Map of the East-Indies and the adjacent Countries; with the Settlements, Factories and Territories, explaning.....

Southeast Asia - circa 1730 / Extremely Rare Large English “Test State” Map 

An extremely rare and unique collector's map of Southeast Asia, published around the year 1730 in England. It is the first large scale map of the region published in England and one of the most decorative maps of the region from the 18th century.

The uniqueness and rarity of this map is that this is a so-called “test state” map. This can be seen from the empty space above the cartouche, where normally a coat of arms would be engraved, and that the title inside the cartouche box is not completed. Test states, especially from highly collectable maps as these, are extremely rare and many collectors wait a lifetime to find these. This highly desirable and collectable map will be a highlight on any Southeast Asian map collection. 

This detailed and decorative map shows the East Indies from the Persian border to New Guinea and the southern part of Japan, including India, Ceylon, Southeast Asia, large parts of China, Indonesia and the Philippines. Five insets showing major trading ports (Goa and Surat, Bantam, Fort St. George and Madras, and Batavia) decorate the left side of the map. 

Richly annotated, this map is considered one of the finest and most detailed large-scale English maps of the East Indies chronicling the forts and factories of the Dutch East India Company and the East India Company, with quite extensive integral engraved text giving details of various towns or areas of interest. The map illustrates the extent of European influence and trade at the height of colonial influence throughout this critical region. 

Hermann Moll
Southeast Asia - Large English “Test State” Map 
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England / ca.1730
101 by 62 cm.
Black and White (some outline)
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