River in the Old City of Jakarta - Year 1929

A decorative large ink drawing showing a birds-eye view of the famous river Kali Besar (Big River) in the north of Batavia (now Jakarta) in the area known as Kota Tua, which translates to “Old Town”. The Kali Besar was the centre of economy and trading of VOC (Dutch East India Company) and was seen as an elite residential area in the early 18th century and later transformed to become the central area of offices for international trading, shown here in this unique work of art.  Antique drawings or paintings of the Kali Besar River are extremely rare, making this a fine, collector’s item for those interested in the history of colonial Batavia.

River in the Old City of Jakarta - Large drawing
Publication Place / Date
Image Dimensions
Batavia / 1929
160 by 60 cm.
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USD 7,800