India Antique Lithographs

These very well executed and detailed prints of India show most of the territories held by the French during the early 19th century. While most of India was under British control, the French had significant settlements on the Coromandel Coast (Pondicherry, Karikal, and Yanaon) as well as the Malabar Coast (Mahé). Published in Paris in the year 1835, this complete set hardly appears on the market. A unique find for those interested in colonial India.

From 'Voyage autour du monde par les mers de l'Inde et de la Chine de la corvette de sa Majeste La Favorite execute pendant les annees 1830, 1831, 1832 sous le commandement de M. Laplace.’, published in Paris by Imprimerie Royal under the direction of Louise Auguste de Sainson with Arthus Bertrand as editor.

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India - Set of twelve very well drawn lithographs
Publication Place / Date
Image Dimensions
Paris / 1835
290 by 385 mm.
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USD 6,700
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