Zweiter Theil der Karte von Asien

Attractive large-sized and detailed maps, when joined together shows East Asia, published in Vienna in the year 1786. Extending from China and Korea to Java, the map is centred on the Philippine Islands and provides an attractive and detailed overview of the region. When framed the map will cover a wall space of around 220 by 90 cm, making it the perfect decoration for a restaurant, home or office wall.

Schraembl was born and worked in Vienna, where he was a mapmaker in the latter half of the eighteenth century. He began his business in 1787, partnering with Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly. He is best known for his large-format atlas, the Allgemeiner Grosser Atlas. The atlas was finished in 1800, after twenty years of compilation and composition--it was the first Austrian world atlas. While a notable work, the atlas did not sell well, plunging Schraembl into financial difficulty. In response, Schraembl expanded his offerings to include literature and art. Upon his death, Schraembl's firm was taken over by his widow, Johanna, and her brother, Karl Robert Schindelmayer. From 1825, it was run by Franz Anton's son, Eduard.

East and Southeast Asia - Large Map
Publication Place / Date
Image Dimensions
Vienna / 1783
88 by 65 cm. (each sheet)
Hand coloring
Product Price
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SKU #M.0434

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