PLAN of BATAVIA - JAVA The land of eternal Summer.

Rare 1920's English touristic map of Batavia, the Dutch Indonesian capital city on Java at the time.  Because these type of maps were printed on thin paper and used by tourists visiting Java, most of these maps did not survive, and therefor scarce on the market. Much rarer as 300 to 400-year-old maps of Batavia which were printed on thick paper and published in atlases and travel logs. 

This unique collector's item was published and sold by the "Official Tourist Bureau WELTEVREDEN (java)   - RIJSWIJK 18 - 

The map, when folded decorated with a Wayang figure, is entitled: PLAN of BATAVIA - JAVA The land of eternal Summer. Very suitable for framing, when framed the size would become ca. 100 by 80 cm. The map has a few holes on the folds, study images carefully.

Batavia Tourist Map - ca. 1920
Publication Place / Date
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Batavia / ca.1920
70 by 50 cm.
G- / Study images carefully
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