Australasia - Malaysia and the Pacific Archipelagoes

A rare first edition of Guillemard's Australasia, published in London in 1894. An extensive work with 47 illustrations and 16 lithographed maps of which 14 are folding and in colour. The book counts 574 pages. 

Contents: Introduction, General features, the Philippine Islands, The Dutch East Indies, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Celebes, The Moluccas, The Lesser Sunda Islands, New Guinea, Other Melanesian Islands, The Fiji Islands, The Friendly and other Islands, The Mikronesian Archipelagoes. 

Title: Standford's Compendium of Geography and Travel (new issue) Australasia Vol. II Malaysia and the Pacific Archipelagoes edited and greatly extended from Dr. A.R. Wallace's “Australasia”. 

Australasia - Malaysia & The Pacific Archipelagoes
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London / 1894
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