S.E. Peninsula and Malaysia by Edward Stanford & A.K. Johnston

Rare and detailed map of South-east Asia with the Philippines, Malaysia, Formosa (Taiwan) and Singapore.

Published by A.K. Johnston. With a colour key to the British, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish possessions. The map shows two interesting inset maps. 1) Island and Strait of Singapore. Properly Singhapura, City of the Lion from Singha a Lion" 2) Pulo Penang or Prince of Wales Island, Areca I. of the Natives".

The map is decorated with a few interesting texts: above the inset of Singapore it describes:  

In 1819 Sir S.Raffels established the first British Colony at Singapore, & the Sovereignty of the Island & Straits was confirmed to Britain in 1824. The territories comprise a circumference of about 100 Miles, including the seas & Straits within 10 Miles of the Island. In the 12th Century Singhapura ( Liontown ) the Capital of the Malay State, occupied the Site of the present Settlement. Population in 1819, 150. in 1841 it was understood to amount to 36,000. 

South-east Asia and Singapore - English Large Map
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London / ca.1844
60 by 50 cm.
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