Map of The Burman Empire Including also Siam, Cochin-China, Ton-king and Malaya

Antique Map of The Burman Empire, published in London in the year 1825

Including also Siam, Cochin-China, Ton-king and Malaya, this map shows the boundaries then of Burman Empire, Siam, Cochin-China and Ton-king, with a straight wall between them, which both are now parts of Vietnam, Annam which contains Laos and Cambodia, Malaya, northern part of Sumatra, western part of Borneo, Hainan, eastern part of India, southern Bootan (Bhutan). Shown on this detailed map are cities, towns, place names, communication lines, rivers, islands, hill shadings and many more interesting details. ⁣

James Wyld (1812–1887), a British geographer and map-seller, best known for Wyld's Great Globe.

He was the eldest son of James Wyld the Elder (1790–1836) and Eliza (née Legg). In 1838, he married Anne, the daughter of John Hester, and had two children, one of whom, James John Cooper Wyld also became a map publisher. On his father's death in 1836, Wyld became the sole owner of the thriving family mapmaking business based in Charing Cross. His maps, which covered regions as diverse as London and the goldfields of California, were regarded highly, and Wyld himself had an excellent reputation as a mapmaker; he was elected as a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 1839, and he was appointed Geographer to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (as had been his father before him).

James Wyld
Burman Empire and Singapore - English Map
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London / 1825
41 by 48,8 cm.
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