Veteris Orbis Climata Ex Strabone by Christoph Cellarius

Ancient map of the world, based upon Strabo. The Southern tip of Africa is undiscovered. No sign of Japan, the Korean Peninsula or Australia and Oceana. Excellent NE Passage display. A marvelous world map, based upon 2000 year old geography. From an early edition of Cellarius' Notitia Orbis Antiqui, Sive Geographia Novis Tabulis Geographicis, which was published in London, Amsterdam and other places over the next 100 years and was one of the most popular Ancient Geographies of its time.

Christoph Keller (Cellarius) was an early believer in the power of maps to help sell books. His 'Geographia Antiqua' was so popular that its publication spanned three centuries from 1686 to 1812 and different maps were used for many editions. This map of the Ancient World comes from a 1774 edition of that work. It names the ancient regions - Ethiopia, Aegyptus, Mauretania, Hispania, Germania, Albion, Sarmatia, Scythia, India, Persia, Arabia Felix, Syria, Asia Minor, Serica; the map reflects the knowledge of the ancient geographers, therefore many areas are highly distorted or unknown. 

Christoph Keller
Antique World Map based upon Strabo
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40 by 35 cm.
Black and White
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