NIEUWE KAART VAN ASIA na de alderlaatste Ondekking int licht gebracht by ISAAK TIRION

Antique Map of Asia by Tirion titled ‘NIEUWE KAART VAN ASIA na de alderlaatste Ondekking int licht gebracht. te AMSTERDAM by ISAAK TIRION’. An early to mid-18th century Dutch map of Asia including the Middle East, the East coast of Africa and the East Indian Islands in modern colour engraved by JacobKeyser (Keizer) (fl. 1706-1750) in 1733 and published in an edition of Tirion’s Nieuwe en beknopte hand-atlas that was first published with 34 maps in 1740. No copy of the original has survived but a second edition appeared in 1744. Tirion was more of a bookseller and publisher than a geographer but he must have had access to a very competent cartographer as his maps excel in style and accuracy.

Isaak Tirion
Asia Continent - ca.1740
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35 by 28 cm.
Hand coloring
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SKU #M.0382

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