Tobacco plantations in Indonesia - Buildings, Employees and Shipment

A unique and decorative set of over 80 lithographed photographs showing a detailed insight into how tobacco was cultivated in Indonesia and traded in Holland at the beginning of this century.

Giving a rare view on the goings-on of a typical colonial company in the former Dutch Indies. The buildings of the company, the plantations, the Indonesian employees, the shipment of goods, the sales in The Netherlands etc.

Each photo is described in Dutch, German and French. The photo sheets are filled with typical Indonesian figurations around the images.

Very suitable for framing. Contact us to receive a catalogue with all photographs from this set. 

Tobacco Plantations and Trade in Indonesia
Publication Place / Date
Image Dimensions
The Netherlands / ca.1910
32 by 25 cm. (each sheet)
Black and White
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USD 850
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