World Map from the year 1600

A rare uncolored world map – probably a woodblock print. from c.1600. On stylistic and geographical grounds the engraving of this oval world map with a circular surround of strapwork bordering has no identifying author or engraver. All copies have later insertions after original engraving - New England, Davis Strait, Holanders (in Brazil), and Abssain Christians in Central Africa. 

Copies of the map are often without the top and bottom parts (like this item) and may accompany the Protestant tract: Cosmographie, or the Desctiption… of Christians in the Worls, not subject to the Pope. By the heresiographer (a person who writes about heresy) Ephraim Pagitt published by London from early to mid 1600’s. There is a copy of this map in the Maritime museum in Amsterdam dated circa 1580. 

Ancient World Map - Year 1600
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ca. 1600
37 by 19 cm
Black and White
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